Living the dream, but for how long?

As I’ve discussed at length in this blog, I love my job.

I love being in journalism and working with college journalists. I love being a part of stories that make a difference.

I feel — no, I know — that I want to work in journalism for the rest of my life. Managing the Alligator this semester has only reinforced that. I don’t care if I’m reporting or editing; journalism is like that elementary school crush I would do anything just to be near. I’ll freelance; I’ll take pay cuts; I’ll live in Podunk, Iowa.

I’ll do anything to be able to call myself a journalist.

But with the economy and industry-wide cuts, and as my time at the Alligator flies away, I worry that this is the last time I’ll be able to work in journalism.

With UF’s journalism career fair on Thursday, I worry not only about me, but about everybody on staff — hey, they don’t call me the “Alligator Mom” for nothing.

I look around me in the newsroom — everyone there is incredibly talented. Ten years ago, none of them would have worried about finding a job. They’re the best and brightest. But as it stands, two of our section editors plan on going to law school, and another is going to graduate school for botany. Those people are amazing journalists, but they have decided to pursue other careers.

It’s depressing to think the newsroom I’m managing could be the last newsroom some of my coworkers  work in.

I just hope it’s not my last.



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2 responses to “Living the dream, but for how long?

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  2. Working for a student publication is a blast. I never had as much fun as I had when I was editor in chief of my school’s newspaper.

    Enjoy the ride while it lasts.

    Yes, it is a rocky time for newspapers, but there are some very exciting things on the journalism horizon.

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