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The end of election era in the newsroom

It’s a strange feeling whenever a long-term news story wraps up.

And when it’s a story like the election — one that’s been going on for about two years — it’s a kind of void in the life of the newsroom.

No more stories slugged “election,” “voting,” “Obama” or “McCain.” No candidates or celebrities coming to town to stump. No political groups relentlessly pestering our section editors for coverage.

Although it’s weird not to have those things, which have been staples of our fall semester, the general newsroom feeling is one of relief. It’s like crossing a finish line, and everyone is sick of the constant stream of political stories. Sure, it makes it easy to fill the paper, but it gets old fast. I can name every leader of the on-campus political groups and every official remotely involved with local elections.

Our metro editor was ridiculously organized: she knew exactly what each freelancer and staff writer was working on, and got stories in at a great pace. It was one of those nights when you’re not sure how things get in by deadline — but somehow, they do.

In the end, I’m really proud of our election coverage. I think we were able to do the job of both a local and a student paper. We summarized the amendments. We broke a story about one of UF’s prominent Republican students voting for Obama that gained national media attention. We did the everyday election stories and the offbeat.

I’m proud to have been a top editor over these stories. At a campus newspaper, you have a rare opportunity to concentrate on aspects of the election ignored at larger papers. I’m glad our reporters have clips that reflect that.


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