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Managing when you can’t control things

I’ve mentioned before that I hate doing payroll.

I guess part of the reason I hate doing it so much is that I see how much everyone gets paid — and it’s so depressing.

For how much everyone in the newsroom works, it’s honestly a slap in the face how much we get paid. It’s hard for me to send the paychecks to the controller each week when our section editors are there until 2 a.m. and aren’t even making enough to cover their rent payments.

I do what I can, but I work within the restrictions of the Alligator’s budget. And believe me, those are big restrictions. On the one hand, I don’t want to send the Alligator into bankruptcy with the newsroom budget. The future of the entire industry is unclear, and that includes college papers. I want the Alligator to be here for years to come, but I don’t really know where we stand — I’m not included in those kind of financial meetings.

But while I do worry about the paper itself, the Alligator Mom in me would like people to be able to buy food.

As the managing editor, it’s my job to stick to the budget. It’s just hard when I interact with these people every night to see them do difficult jobs for no recognition and meager pay.

I don’t see an easy way of solving this — maybe alumni donations would help. Maybe we could get some kind of grant — after all, the Alligator is a nonprofit. Any ideas in the comments would be greatly appreciated.


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